Jonah Elias Rindner, known professionally as Dolo Tonight, (and sometimes mononymously as DOLO) is an American singer, rapper, and multi instrumentalist known for his colorful personality and unique ability to tell stories through his music.


Early Life:


Jonah Rindner was born in Watchung, New Jersey  into an artist friendly household. At age 5, he got his first taste of music when his babysitter gave him a free pair of drumsticks - prompting his family soon after to get him his first kit. Jonah attended Valley View Middle School and affixed himself to the Jazz ensemble band. He also spent time practicing Piano in his parents living room off of an old detuned Grand Piano (which was later upgraded to an electronic keyboard)


“This was a pretty regular cycle, I used to go in there (school) every day and play until my hands hurt, when I got home I would eat some Mac N Cheese and then practice more and write lyrics. I was really looking up to Bernard Purdie at the time. I would watch every video of him that I could on YouTube.”


Once he got to High School the story continued where he was a frequent collaborator of musicians locally. After school sessions, he would freestyle rap with friends in his car in the parking lot. Jonah Rindner became Dolo Tonight in his sophomore year of highschool one night after being deemed the name by his friends. He graduated Watchung Hills Regional Highschool in 2016. 


He attended University of Maine for a Food Science degree but quickly realized that music was calling yet again after the music was growing locally and he was being asked to do shows. With encouragement from his family, he left UMaine for University of Colorado where he attended their Music Entertainment Industry Studies program. Almost a year later and receiving encouragement from his professors, he decided to drop out and work on music full time. 





At every turn, DOLO TONIGHT is determined to take his craft to new heights – literally. In 2021, the LA-by-way-of-Jersey artist made history with his single “Higher,” filming the Highest Altitude
Music Video in the Western Hemisphere from the basket of a hot air balloon.

This skyscraping success came on the heels of his breakout “Too High,” which launched him into the top five of Spotify’s Top 100 Breaking Artists in 2019 and cemented Dolo Tonight (real name Jonah Rindner) as one of the underground’s fastest-rising names.

Not bad for a University of Maine food science dropout who bailed on becoming a flavorist (“Did you know you can basically make grape flavor out of plastic gloves?” he asks with a laugh) to
chase his musical dreams at the behest of both his parents and college professors. These blessings led to collaborations with Grammy-winning producer and engineer Michael Ashby
(Cardi B), a deal with the legendary Epitaph Records, and a global fanbase drawn to his magnetic personality and shapeshifting musical style. 

That upward trajectory is once again on display on Dolo Tonight’s debut EP for Epitaph, LIFE’S A PARTY AND THEN YOU’RE DEAD. The six-track set evolves the hip-hop-heavy sound Dolo amplified on 2021’s Back To Earth EP (Asylum) in favor of what he calls “anti-pop,” rooted in the fundamentals of popular music but subverted in all the right ways as he and his Baggage Claim collective of writers and producers twist convention and catchy choruses into an intoxicating, sun-soaked blend of indie, alternative, rock, and hip-hop. “Anti-pop is all about messing around with structure and sounds and being a little more experimental,” the 24-year-old explains. “When we were putting this EP together, we would ask ourselves, ‘What would someone normally do in this situation?’ Then we would do the exact opposite.” 

Like the musicality underwriting them, the songs on Life’s A Party And Then You’re Dead tell the stories of those a little left of center: the wanderers  “Tucson”), the dreamers (“Pennies”), the outcasts (“People Under the Stairs”) – the people Dolo feels a particularly special kinship toward. He’s been there before, busking and hustling his way to his dreams, and he’s built his musical world to be universally accepting. If life is indeed a party, everyone is invited to the one Dolo Tonight is throwing. It extends beyond just the music as well. While Dolo is absolutely giddy at the prospect of bringing his new EP to audiences during live shows, he’s equally enthused about expanding the stories he’s telling.

Whether it’s the short film he developed and shot as a companion to the EP, a series of Roblox concerts, or simply using the iconic eye of Wes Anderson to inform his art’s aesthetic, he’s determined to continue connecting with fans in fully immersive ways. “My ultimate goal is to build a world and create a space that people can endlessly explore,” he enthuses. “You can take the music at face value, but there’s always a next step I’m working toward. I’ve got a vision for everything that’s all connected. It’s like seeing someone drop a wrench in a Spider-Man movie and then pick it up later in a Doctor Strange movie to connect things. Basically, I’m trying to make the DCU: the Dolo Cinematic Universe.”


Dolo Tonight’s vocal style leans more towards Indie/Pop. With diverse taste, he listens to artists like Billy Holiday, A Day To Remember, Paramore, and the Allman Brothers. Dolo Tonight tends to wear bright clothes with pastel color themes. The name Dolo Tonight came from his inability to attend a party with friends where he didn't end up solo for a while, eventually meeting new people and bringing them to the group of friends he came with. The name also conversely implies the feeling one gets where they want to be by themself in their room relaxing and being content alone.