Dolo Tonight Breaks A World Record

  • by Jonah Rindner




So....on this weeks episode of what in the heck Dolo decided to do in his free time- we broke a world record. At sounded like Soon you realize just how painstaking it is to actually break a world record. We could have picked something a really big Mac N Cheese....but no. This wasn't enough.

The first step is contacting and applying for world records through Guinness which takes about two months. Once approved- they send you the rules- and let me say something about the rules....they're WEIRD! And not fun weird like your cousin who plays gameboy in the corner at your birthday party- just weird. They give you directions like "you must move up" BUT "not in an upwards motion." It's like they really wanna make it impossible. But....we like impossible here in Dolo World.

After a ton of debate back and fourth with Guinness and a whole lotta clarifying- we came to an agreement. The record had to take place on land at least 14,000 feet high. We decided to send it out to Pikes Peak in Colorado and set up mobile power in the back of a Van to record and film a music video at the required height. BUT THATS NOT ALL- we had to bring a Altimeter that was calibrated and sealed by a Navy pilot to prove to Guinness that we were taking correct measurements. Did we win? The events unfolded in a 4 part documentary here on my YouTube.




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